Night on Bald Mountain

How this Fast Diet Lifestyle works: Eat these meals tomorrow, for a calorie total of less than 600. On another day this week, eat the meals from a different post, another day of eating 600 calories or less. Eat sensibly the other days of the week. That’s it. Simple way to lose weight and be healthier.

The music of Modest Mussorgsky was part of the sound-track of my childhood. On Sundays, a recording [actual vinal LP disk!!] of “Pictures at an Exhibition” always played while my sister and I set the dining room table. Then every October, the Walt Disney Show on TV would show a clip from the 1941 film Fantasia depicting “Night on Bald Mountain.” Gosh that was scary to watch!! Mussorgsky wrote his tone poem to describe in music the mid-summer celebration of witches and demons [sometimes called Walpurgis Night] but now it is more associated with Hallowe’en instead. Unfortunately, Mussorgsky did not live to see the fame of his music. It was premiered five years after his death when Rimsky-Korsakov became a champion of the Mussorgsky’s work.

Horseradish is a popular flavor in Mussorsky’s home country of Russia and that is what flavors the breakfast. The dinner has the colors of Fall and of Hallowe’en. Tomorrow, being October 31st, listen to the “Night on Bald Mountain” to enhance the mood.

Horseradish-Cheesy Bake: 143 calories 7.5 g fat 1.2 g fiber 8.7 g protein g carbs 78.6 mg Calcium   NB: Food values given are for the Bake and fruit only, and do not include the optional beverages.   PB GF David Rosengarten’s unusual cookbook It’s All American Food takes the reader on a tour of American ethnic and regional foods, and tells you how to make those treats in your own kitchen. This recipe is from the Manhattan restaurant Barney Greengrass, where they are known for their breakfasts.

One 2-oz egg ½ Tbsp crushed tomato 1 Tbsp cheddar/horseradish spread*** 1 Tbsp chives, minced 2 oz apricots   Optional: blackish coffee [53 calories] or blackish tea or mocha cafe au lait [65 calories] Optional: 5 oz fruit smoothie or berry-yogurt smoothie  [88 calories]

*** Cheddar/Horseradish Spread 2 Tbsp WisPride Cheddar spread OR Kraft Old English Cheddar spread  4 [or more] tsp prepared horseradish [the kind in a jar] Cream together thoroughly. Save the rest for another day or another use.

Set the toaster oven at at 350 degrees F. Spritz a ramekin with oil or non-stick spray. Vigorously whisk the egg, cheeses, and chives until well combined and pour into the ramekin. Put in the oven [it doesn’t need to be hot yet] and bake 12-15 minutes. Meanwhile, prepare your optional beverages and prep the fruit. This will kick-start your day.

Tomato-Corn-Black Bean Salad:  274 calories 9 g fat 16.5 g protein 34.7 g carbs [34 g Complex] 63.4 mg Calcium  PB GF  For a real late Summer treat, you can’t beat fresh corn and tomatoes! 100Daysofrealfood  provided the recipe and then I altered it a little. HINT: This serves TWO.

1-1/2 ears of corn 1 cup canned black beans, drained and rinsed 4 oz tomato: cherry tomatoes cut in half OR whole tomato cut in 1” dice ¼ cup red onion, diced ¼ cup basil leaves, chopped 1 Tbsp olive oil 1 Tbsp red wine vinegar salt and pepper 1 oz cooked beef, from steak or roast OR 1 oz roast pork

Blanch the corn for 1 minute in boiling water. Cool and cut the kernals off the cob and put in a microwave-safe bowl. Add the rinsed beans to the bowl. Gently mix the beans and corn with the tomatoes and onion. Slice the beef very thinly and warm it briefly if it is cold. Heat the vegetables in the microwave for 45-60 seconds to make slightly warm. In a small bowl combine the basil, oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper. Pour over the warmed vegetables and stir to combine. Plate and arrange the meat on top. As good as it is colorful.

Ingredients for next week: Breakfast, single portion for Monday ……… single portion for Thursday:

Next Monday, I will discuss Fasting
while on vacation.
1.5 two-oz eggs 
Choose a breakfast from Archivessalmon


Optional smoothieoptional smoothie
optional hot beverageoptional hot beverage

Dinner, single portion for Monday: …….. single portion for Thursday:

Dining out on vacation
filets of sole

breadcrumbs + egg

cooked fish + herbs

cheese + green beans
Sparkling waterSparkling water

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