Granny Food

Both of my grandmothers lived to ripe old ages, and I intend to as well.  Part of my plan is to stick with the Fast Diet.  The benefits of the Fasting Lifestyle include: weight management; lower risk of heart disease; lower risk of diabetes and certain cancers; giving the body a chance to rest; and the growth of new brain cells. I know that my grandmothers did not eat the menu which I propose for today, but the breakfast does contain ‘Granny Smith’ apples!                    Read this article if you think that skipping a meal is the same as Fasting: Fasting vs. Meal Skipping: What’s the Difference and is it Safe?

Gravlax & Grannies: 267 calories    3.9 g fat    2.4 g fiber    15.6 g protein     43 g carbs   199 mg Calcium       PG  GF   We enjoyed an appetizer at the Inn at Saint Peters:  their Smoked Trout with Apples. It occurred to me that this could be a fine breakfast for those who enjoy a savory/seafood taste in the a.m.   I substituted mackerel gravlax for the smoked trout, just because that was on hand, but it was a grey-brown instead of the lighter hue of the trout or the pink of a salmon.gravlax-apples

1 oz mackerel gravlax or 1 oz smoked trout or 1.5 oz smoked salmon                                                                       2 oz Granny Smith apple, thinly sliced; each slice cut into 1/2-moons                                                 ¼ c blueberries, with a couple of raspberries for fun                                                                                                                                        blackish coffee, blackish tea, or lemon in hot water                                                                                5-6 oz smoothie or natural apple cider

Slice the fish with the grain to create thin slices. Arrange the fish and apples in overlapping slices around the plate. HINT: I did this the night before, covered it with clingwrap and put it in the ‘fridge. So quick the next morning!! Brew your hot beverage, blend or shake your smoothie, dish out those healthy blueberries, and breakfast elegantly.

Mushroom Tart:    268 calories   10 g fat    3.2 g fiber   22.6 g protein   16.4 g carbs   241 mg Calcium PB GF – if you eliminate the Arnold Sandwich Thin or substitute 25 calories of GF bread    The Gunflint Lodge Cookbook supplied this recipe. Then, of course, I altered it to suit our requirements. But mostly, it is their’s!mushroom-tart

1 small clove garlic                                                                                                                                                ¼ cup leeks, white and/or green parts, sliced                                                                                                          6 oz mushrooms, cut into chunks or slices                                                                                                              2 Tbsp white wine                                                                                                                                              two 2-oz eggs                                                                                                                                                           1/4 cup fatfree milk                                                                                                                                                      ¼ cup Gruyère cheese, grated                                                                                                                           ½ cup lowfat cottage cheese, drained                                                                                                                 1 and ¼ oz carrots, cut as you wish                                                                                                                  ¼ Arnold Sandwich Thin

Saute/steam the leeks, garlic, and mushrooms in a little water until soft. Add the wine and cook uncovered until the liquid is nearly gone. Season with salt and pepper. Put the vegetables into a lightly-oil-spritzed baking dish, and cover with the Gruyère cheese. Whisk eggs, milk, and cottage cheese together and pour over everything in the baking dish. Bake at 375 degrees until the filling is set [knife stuck into center comes out clean]. Remove from oven and cool 15-20 minutes before eating. Prepare your carrots and slice the Sandwich Thin, toasting it if you wish.

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