Canadian Thanksgiving

This event occurs on the second Monday of October, roughly around Columbus Day in the USA. Can you Fast and still Feast?  Let’s live it up with our Canadian neighbors while keeping our calories down. Here’s how:

French Toast   294 calories   6.7 g fat   3.2 g fiber   13.5 g protein   31 g carbs   260 mg Calcium HINT: This recipe makes French Toast for 2 people or two breakfasts. If serving one, prepare all the toast, but put the rest in a bag in the freezer for a really fast breakfast later.french-toast-maple-leafs

4+ slices 70-cal whole grain bread — When the bread has been cut to shape, there should be 4 ounces of bread      For today, I cut them out with a maple leaf cookie cutter                                                    one 2-oz egg                                                                                                                                                                    2 Tbsp fat-free milk                                                                                                                                                 per person: 1 oz strawberries, fresh or unsweetened frozen                                                                        1 and ½ tsp maple syrup         [the REAL kind]                                                                                                                                        one 60-cal sausage I like Al Fresco brand chicken sage breakfast links                                       nearly black coffee or tea or lemon in hot water                                                                                          3 oz green or fruit smoothie or natural apple cider

THE NIGHT BEFORE: Whisk the egg and milk together. Cut the pieces of bread into appropriate shapes using a cookie cutter. [This step is important for the calorie count to come out right, so don’t skip it even if it seems too much like ‘crafty food.’ The bread that is left over can be fed to the birds or saved to make Stuffed Clams] Put the bread into a pan with a rim which is just big enough for the bread pieces. Pour the egg/milk mixture over the bread, making sure it is all wetted. Let stand OVERNIGHT. Also combine the strawberries and syrup.                                                                                                                                                               THE NEXT MORNING, cook the batter-soaked bread in a hot non-stick pan with a spritz of non-stick spray. Cook until browned on both sides. NOW PUT 1/2 OF THE PIECES ASIDE TO COOL. PUT INTO A BAG AND FREEZE THEM FOR A LATER DATE. Cook the sausage, too. Mash the berries a bit and add the maple syrup. Warm the mixture a little and smear onto the plated toast. Enjoy with the sausage, hot beverage of choice, and smoothie.

Turkey Dinner:   Go to the holiday table armed with the facts. I’m not going to tell you what to eat, but I will provide you with some nutritional facts for common foods:chicken-dinner-for-2

4 oz turkey breast, roasted, skinless: 153 calories                                                                                           ½ cup green beans:        21 calories                                                                                                                            ½ cup breadcrumb stuffing:       176 calories                                                                                                                                    ½ cup peas:         62 calories                                                                                                                                          ¼ cup mashed potatoes:         59 calories                                                                                                              2 Tbsp gravy:        16 calories                                                                                                                     pumpkin pie, 1/8th of a 9” pie:       316 calories                                                                                                                             The meal on the left in the photo has 206 calories.   The meal on the right, with stuffing, has 382 calories.  Eat as your conscience tells you, or have a real Fast Day tomorrow.


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