Progress Report: 3.5 Years

We have been following the Fasting Lifestyle for 3 and 1/2 years.  How’s that working out? Both my husband and I have reached our weight goals AND HAVE MAINTAINED THE WEIGHT LOSS.  That’s the big story — lots of diets will help you to lose weight, but can you then keep it off? I’m here to tell you that on the Fast Diet, yes, you can. By restricting calorie intake to 600 calories [that’s calorie restriction] 2 days a week [that’s called intermittent fasting], and eating wholesome unprocessed food the rest of the week, we have been successful in our weight loss goals.

Are we fasting every day? no.  Are we eating some weird food? no.  Do we avoid entire food groups to keep the pounds off? no. Are we starving ourselves? no.

Mondays and Thursdays we Fast.  Sunday we have a roast for dinner.  Tuesday we eat the roast as leftovers.                                          roast-lamb-w-bordeauxWednesday we eat pasta. carbonara-pasta-roasted-veg-w-barbera-dalba

Friday we eat seafood.    Saturday we eat pizza. grilled-bluefish-w-rhubarb-sauce-aust-riesling forestreet-pizza   And we drink wine and we eat dessert.                                                                                   See, we eat real food, like real people and we still maintain our weight.  Does our weight ever vary? Of course it does — up 2 pounds, down 1.5 pounds — that’s normal.

Happy?  You bet!  Healthy? Yes!  Willing to continue the Fasting Lifestyle?  VERY MUCH SO!   If you are waffling about starting a diet, get on board and follow this food plan.  Happy rest of your life.

PS: If you want to see recipes for the foods we eat the other days as well as the wines to go with them, go to      It is posted every Friday.

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