Cinquo de Mayo

This widely-celebrated holiday is greatly misunderstood.  When Napoleon Bonepart was working on being emperor of the world, he installed his sister and her husband on the throne of Mexico.  The pair were inept rulers and the populace rose up to depose them.  Decades later, on May 5, 1862, France invaded Mexico, which had defaulted on debts.  When a tiny force of locals defeated the French army, Voila! Cinquo de Mayo!  This year it occurs on a Fasting Thursday and you have two choices: Fast on a different day, or just binge.  [The latter is not recommended]

Here are several tried and true recipes for Mexican-inspired meals which are consistent with the Fasting Lifestyle.  Pick a breakfast, choose a dinner, skip the lunch/snacks, and maybe you can squeeze in a tiny shot of tequila [about 85 calories], if you are so inclined.  **

Tostada       PB  GF    posted in Mex-Morroc,              January 31, 2016                                                                       Breakfast Burrito  GF     posted in Seasonal Foods              September 27, 2015

Chile non Carne    PB  GF    posted in Go Wild            March 2, 2016                                                     Chicken Quesadillas     GF      posted in Gunn & Grommet          April 13, 2016                            Seafood Tacos   PB  GF    posted in Amour Propre           February 21, 2016                                         Chicken Cesar Salad     GF      posted in Oregano              April 6, 2016


**       This website tells of the calorie-bombs which pose as drinks for celebrating Cinquo de Mayo.  And it offers alternative beverages for any occasion, because eating in a healthy manner is an every-day idea.

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