Fasting While Traveling

Traveling is when dieting gets difficult and all the rationalizations start.  “Couldn’t do my own cooking, so what could I do but eat?”  Last month I spent 12 days in Italy as part of a tour. When I returned, I weighed 1/2 a pound less than I did before. How?

Departure day was on a Thursday, so I ate a high-protein typical Fast Day Breakfast and Fasted the rest of the day. On the air plane I ate what was served and went to sleep.  The following days I ate and drank as I wished. Next Fast Day was a Monday, and the breakfast buffet offered just what I needed: eggs, fruit, meat or cheese.Fasting in Venice

Dinner was at a restaurant, so no chance to Fast, although I was careful not to go wild. Same on the following Fast Days which fell during the trip. Calorie restriction on some days, eat-as-you-wish on the other days. It works.  You can do it.

Every Fast Day I chose carefully from the breakfast buffet in Venice, Florence, and Rome.  Did I starve myself every day? No. Did I eat gelato every day? Yes. Did I walk 6-9 miles every day while sight-seeing? Yes. Did I find that one can fit the Fasting Lifestyle into traveling?  Coming back with no weight gain says ‘Yes you can!’

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