New Year’s Eve

Yup, sure enough — New Year’s Eve is on a Thursday, a Fast Day, this year.  What to do? You have choices:                                                                          1] blow off the diet, splurge to your heart’s content, and hate yourself on Jan 1;                                                                                                                                           2] observe a Fast Day on Wednesday or Friday instead of Thursday;                         3] eat strategically on Thursday so you can ‘have your weight loss and eat it too.’   Here’s how:

Vegetable Omelette 283 K 9.5 g. fat 19.5 g. protein 30 g. carb PB  [GF if you eliminate the piece of bread or substitute a GF bread]                                 Take advantage of the goodness of vegetables and use up some left-overs at the same time! Win-win.

1 ½ two-oz eggs HINT: If you are serving one person, crack three 2-oz eggs into a small bowl or glass measuring cup. Whip up those eggs and pour half of their volume, crack three 2-oz eggs into a jar with a lid and put it in the ‘fridge for next week.                                                                               1/2 tsp Parmesan cheese, grated                                                                                     2 tsp red onion, chopped                                                                                                          1 oz cooked summer squash/ green beans/ broccoli, diced    HINT: prepare extra vegetables at dinner on Wednesday or Sunday and save for this meal the following Fast Day                                                                                            ½ slice 70-cal bread                                                                                                          salt, pepper, herbs of your choice                                                                                   1.5 oz strawberries                                                                                                                  5-6 oz fruit smoothie or green smoothie or natural apple cider                    blackish coffee or blackish tea or lemon in hot water

Spritz a fry pan with olive oil or non-stick spray and stir the onions until they are soft. Dice the cooked vegetables and add to the pan to warm. Whisk the eggs and pour them into the pan, stirring to mix with the vegetables. As bottom of eggs begins to set, put the cheese, salt and pepper on the eggs. Cook to your liking, fold and plate with the fruit and toasted bread. Pour your beverages and have a great day.

Now make sure that you drink lots of water today or tea to avoid being hungry or dehydrated.  SKIP LUNCH, just as you would on any Fast Day.

AT THE PARTY:  Stick to the shrimp cocktail.  Fill half your plate with the shrimp and half your plate with vegetables from the veggie platter. Do not eat the veggie dip!  Cocktail sauce is OK, and try dipping the veggies in it too.  About drinking: Sparkling wine has 88 calories per small glass, so have some. Avoid the mixed drinks, the hard alcohol, and the punch — too many calories.  Are your hosts considerate enough to provide sparkling water?  Good for them! Alternate your glass of bubbly with glasses of water. [You do know that a hang-over is mostly due to dehydration, don’t you?]  Less booze means more will power. Just saying.

NEXT DAY BREAKFAST: try the Nordic Breakfast, September 20, 2015. Easy to prepare and very filling.

Happy New Year to you all.  Keep following in 2016 for more new recipes and tips. Tell your friends.  Please remember that the Fasting Lifestyle is not only about losing weight — it is about improving your over-all health while safely losing 1-2 pounds per week. You might find this reading useful:               With a new year comes the all-too-familiar pressure to lose weight. As the ball drops at midnight, the diet industry gears up to welcome women who mark Jan. 1 as the day they will begin restricting and training their bodies into the slim ideal. It’s all a part of the “New Year, New You” mantra we have been taught to value as gospel.

While the pressure to shrink your body is a constant for women year-round, the value of thinness is especially emphasized when New Year’s resolutions are thrown into the mix. It’s a time of year when hating yourself is made easy, packaged and sold by the diet industry as flaws in need of fixing. Many of us buy into it — but we don’t have to.

Body positive activists are constantly advocating for radical body love, but that work takes on undeniable significance this time of year. These women shout above the negative noise, working to build up collective body confidence and self-love in a world where women are constantly marked as needing improvement.

“It’s time for us to stop setting New Year’s resolutions altogether and to start setting revolutions instead — to, rather than resolving ourselves to ‘self-improvement’ defined by systems set up to oppress us, revolt against them. Set goals in terms of treating yourself with more compassion, take more fashion risks, enjoy more time at the beach, go out for brunch more — do all the things that you keep promising yourself you’ll do when you lose ‘X’ number of pounds.

“You don’t need to lose weight to experience your best self. You just need to resolve yourself to living the life you imagine –- in exactly the skin you’re already in. You’d be amazed at how that mental shift can be the best choice you’ve ever made in terms of health and happiness.”  Melissa Fabello, managing editor at Everyday Feminism and body acceptance activist


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