Let Me Entertain You… Dinner Version.

What would you serve if you had to have guests for dinner on a Fast Day???  One choice would be to transfer your fasting until tomorrow. But if you have long-term visitors and you don’t want to skip the Fast, here’s what we have done. [Remember, you can always pull out the stops on the following day, since we Fast only two days a week.]

Since most of our friends know that we are proponents of the Fast Diet, I ask them if they would like to see what a fast diet is all about. Sometimes they say ‘yes’ and then they dine along with us.   We have served Steamed Mussels in wine broth [March 22]Mussels with Vegetable Plate or Shepherd’s Salad [March 15] as dinners for non-Fasting friends.  These pleasing meals are rich and flavorful and can convince people that ‘fasting’ isn’t the same as ‘starving’. Go out with them for a long walk or drive during the middle of the day and come home ready for dinner.

What if your guests do not wish to fast or have health issues which prevent it? Then serve one of your favorites, say Crab Cakes [March 1] or Greek Chicken Salad [March 25] Greek Chicken Saladand for the guests, serve some boiled parleyed potatoes or rolls on the side.  Put out a plate of cookies for dessert and leave the room while they eat them.  I did that once, explaining that I did not have the fortitude to watch the guests eat the cookies!  At lunch time, send your house guests out for lunch at a local favorite, or serve them a soup such as Cream of Asparagus asparagus soup[April 1] or Baked Bean [April 22], which you might have in the freezer. Your guests will be happy and well-fed, while you can stay true to your Fasting Lifestyle.  The best of both worlds.

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