The Dreaded Buffet

You are on a trip or at a professional dinner meeting or at a party and there it is, the nemesis of the dieter: The Buffet Table. An invitation to over-eat if ever there was one!  In the name of science, I have conducted an experiment with buffets.  So far the ‘n’ = 2, which means that I’ve done this twice, but I will persevere in collecting these data.

The setting is a semi-annual professional meeting which I attend.  The dinner is buffet-style, preceded by happy hour.  The day of the week is Thursday.  Fasting Lifestyle must continue.

Breakfast:  any of the usual Thursday breakfasts would apply here, since they are omelettes which means lots of protein and few carbs.      300 calories max

Lunch: I drink 8 oz skimmed milk in the early afternoon, so dinner doesn’t see me so hungry that I misbehave.  No snacking!                                  90 calories

Dinner: One glass red wine purchased at happy hour and sipped all through dinner. The wine could be omitted, but this is for science, right?  Salad and bread are served. Pass on the bread and pass on the creamy, gooey, fat-filled salad dressings. I eat the entire salad with salt and pepper. I made sure to drink a lot of water throughout the meal.buffet salad

At the buffet, I pass on the potatoes and the rice pilaf. In the trade, those are called ‘plate-fillers’ and that’s why they are presented first.  I fill 1/3 of the plate with the mixed vegetables. Of the 3 entrees, I skip the deep-fried chicken and choose instead the seafood casserole and the sirloin tips.                                       calories: unknownbuffet dinner

A dessert of apple crisp is served.  This could have been waved away, but I ate it.

Results: 1st time I did this, I my weight did not change at all the next day!  The second time, my weight dropped the next day by 0.4 pounds.  My conclusion is that if you are serious about your commitment to proper eating, you can face the buffet with common sense and confidence.

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