You Want To, But Your Partner Doesn’t….

I hear this a lot from people: “You are lucky that your husband is Fasting too.  Mine isn’t [won’t/ thinks he doesn’t need it] and it is so hard to cook two different meals. I can’t keep this up.”  I hear you and here’s the solution: cook the same meals for everybody! Then the preparer gets the convenience of one preparation and the non-Faster gets the benefit of the meals without fearing that he/she will be starving.  The key difference is amount.

Fish Tacos for 2For example, Fish Tacos are one of my summertime favorites. By increasing the recipe slightly, I produced 5 tacos. I ate two, he ate three.

Baked White Fish for 2

Then there’s Baked White Fish with Cheese. Same recipe but he gets some left-over rice pilaf as a side dish.  PB  GF

Chicken Dinner for 2

Or a Chicken Dinner. Each plate has 4 oz roast chicken breast and a cup of snap beans.  But my plate has the tomatoes and he has a bit of left-over potato casserole. So much food it was tough to eat it all!      GF

Breakfasts are easy! Serve any of the egg meals and add a piece of toast for your table-mate. Or extra fruit.

On Fast Days, your partner may feel like eating lunch. OK, it is a free world. You don’t have to be at the table or even in the same room. Take your cup of tea and go do something else. You aren’t being anti-social, it is a matter of self-preservation. Feel free to stay true to your Fasting Lifestyle  and be safe in the knowledge that everyone had eaten well and that you will have lost weight tomorrow.

Hope this helps to bridge the gap in a House Divided. And maybe your dining partner will come to like the Fast Food that you are serving and wish to join you on the quest for healthy eating

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