This is for you, D.C.P.

Today is the birthday of our good friend DCP who recently said, “It’s easier for you to Fast — you like eggs.”  For those of you who would rather not see an egg on the plate at breakfast, try these. Many are Plant-based and all are Fasting-friendly. Many of the recipes are high in Carbs, so be careful to pair with a low-carb and high protein dinner. Happy Birthday, DCP.                                                                                                                Nordic Breakfast, September 20                                                                                      French Toast, September 6                                                                                                     Toad in the Hole, July 9                                                                                                     Cottage Cheese and Pears, July 2                                                                             Improper English, May 17                                                                                              Oatmeal Pudding, May 26                                                                                                   Rotate these meals through your Mondays and Thursdays, and you won’t repeat for three weeks.  Of course some people like to eat a favorite again and again. Go for it!  But keep Fasting.  Hmm… those breakfasts look so good, I might even eat one on a Tuesday!


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