Fun Food

Food should be fun!  Eating should be a pleasure, not something to be endured.  With these meals, the flavor and fun are maximized while the calories, the fat, and the boredom are minimized.  Have some fun today.

Coddled Eggs      280 calories    6.3 g. fat        10 g. protein            16.6 g. carb

coddled egg:toast:grapes

one 2-oz egg                                                                                                                                                        1 ½ tsp grated Parmesan cheese                                                                                                 seasonings to taste = salt, pepper, herbs                                                                                                  ½ slice 70-cal bread                                                                                                                                          ¼ cup berries +  2 tsp plain nonfat yogurt                                                                                                   blackish coffee, blackish tea, or lemon and hot water                                                                         5-6 oz fruit smoothie or green smoothie or cider

Bring a small pan of water to a simmer. Use enough water to cover the egg coddler by 1” or to come ½ way up the custard cup. Spritz some cooking spray into an egg coddler or ramekin or custard cup. Break the egg into the coddler or ramekin, and add and salt/herbs to taste. IF USING A CODDLER: Screw on the lid of the coddler and lower it into the water. IF USING A CUSTARD CUP OR RAMEKIN: carefully place the custard cup into the water and adjust the water level so it comes up half-way.  Put the lid on the pot. Simmer 4 and 1/2 minutes then turn off the heat and leave the eggs in the water for about 3 minutes more. Toast the bread and  mix the fruit and yogurt. Pour your hot breverage, and the smoothie.

Felafel Pockets                               PBFalafel in pita w: veg salad

This preparation fills two pita pockets. One serving is 1 and ½ pockets. HINT: each serving of this meal is one and ½ pockets, so  save the other half for tomorrow’s lunch.                                                                                                                                                                    1 pita bread,  about 116 calories                                                                                                                6 falefel patties total, 3 per pita pocket                                                                                               1/2 cup vegetable salad    see following recipe                                                                                        Vegetable salad:  1/4 cup each of diced tomatoes, diced cucumbers, and diced bell peppers of any color; 1/2 tsp olive oil, 1 tsp vinegar; salt and pepper to taste

Warm the pita breads, if you wish.                                                                                                                                                                               Cut the pita breads into 2 equal pieces. Put 3 felafel patties into each pocket. Spoon the vegetable salad onto the sandwiches. Save the remaining vegetable salad for a garnish or an omelette another day.  Cut one of the filled pockets in half so that your serving is one and a half sandwiches. Pop it quickly [so you don’t eat it now!] into a plastic bag for tomorrow.  Now enjoy that felafel for this quick summer meal.

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