Let Me Entertain You….for Breakfast.

What if you were in the position where you had to entertain guests for breakfast on a Fast Day?  Well, you could move the Fasting to the next day. Or you could trot out some of your favorites and still maintain your Fasting Lifestyle. Your guests can eat as much as they like and be none the wiser. When having a breakfast party, I like to have a variety of things on the table so that guests can have variety. But I also plan it so that the items served can be made ahead with minimum last-minute hostess involvement.

So I suggest any of the baked egg recipes                                                                             Flamenco Eggs [July 5]       or Shirred Eggs  [June 14]  

Put out all the components of a Dutch Breakfast [Feb 22] and let people help themselves. Plates of ham slices and cheese chunks and bread are enticing, along with a basket of freshly-boiled eggs.

The little Herb Popovers [Apr 5] would be a nice addition to the table or what about a bowl of Oatmeal Pudding [Apr 26]?

Feeling more ‘brunchy’?  What about mini Crab Cakes [Mar 1, but form them smaller, almost bite-sized]  or Mushroom Egg Toasts [May 27].

Have fun, eat well, continue your Fasting Lifestyle, be famous for good food.

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