Where Are We Now?

If you hae followed this blog for a few months, you might think that I have been jumping around a bit with my ideas. It is true that since January I have told you about the Fast Diet, a gluten-free diet, and a plant-based diet. Grasping at straws, you ask. Not really.

The goal is to live a health-promoting life-style which is sustainable. What do we mean by that? We want to be slim. We want to have low cholesterol. We want to hike, swim, and garden. We want to live a long time. We want to be as mentally and physically healthy as we can be into old age. We want to eat a variety of delicious, interesting food.  We want to have a life-style that we can keep up day after day for years.

Where are we now? Having tried all these things, here is the choice: The Fast Diet.

We have been following the Fast Lifestyle for more than 2 years now. We like it and find it to be easy to use. We like the food and the variety of foods which we can eat. The gluten-free and plant-based diet [and even the FodMap diet] were all recommended by a physician at various times. We continue to drink the Green Smoothies from the plant-based diet, and will work some of its tenents into our over-all eating.

For the most part the other diets were so limited that it made them hard to follow more than the 4-6 weeks that were recommended to us. But if you had to employ one of these diets to master your eating/digestive issues, let me assure you that each of them can be used in conjunction with the Fast Diet!!

It is true that you couldn’t use all of the recipes which I have posted on each of these diets. But many of my recipes are Gluten Free GF or Plant-Based PB or even FodMap FM. If you must use one of these diets, please don’t give up on the Fast Lifestyle. For weight loss, lower cholesterol, lower risk of diabetes and certain cancers, the Fast Lifestyle can’t be beat! I will code recipes using the above initials to help you to find the recipes that will work best for you.

There’s nothing like being healthy! Join us on Mondays and Thursdays for some good eating.

Thank you for following Fastingme.

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