Passover Fasting

Fasting has been a religious practice for millennia. One of the oldest, best-recorded Fasts is that of Passover.  Marking the seven days of plagues rained down on the Empire of Egypt by Moses, the Fast was in preparation for the Israelites’ imminent escape from Egypt to get to their Promised Land. In honor of the Passover Fast, some menu suggestions for today.

Leek & Smoked Salmon ScrOmelette: 290 calories   9 g fat   1.7 g fiber    15.6 g protein   34 g carbs     226.4 mg Calcium    PB GF      This classic flavor combination makes for a superb breakfast.Leek & Smoked Salmon ScrOmelette

1 ½ eggs HINT: If you are serving one person, crack three 2-oz eggs into a small bowl or glass measuring cup. Whip up those eggs and pour half of their volume, into a jar with a lid and put it in the ‘fridge for next week.                                                                                                    ½ oz smoked salmon                                                                                                                                               ½ oz leeks, sliced thinly                                                                                                                                       dill + salt + pepper to taste                                                                                                                                    1 tsp light sour cream [optional]                                                                                                                       1.5 oz strawberries                                                                                                                                        blackish coffee or blackish tea or lemon in hot water                                                                                             5-6 oz green or fruit smoothie

Spritz a hot saute pan with non-stick spray, add a tablespoon of water, and stir in the leeks.  When they have softened, add the salmon to warm it. Whisk the eggs with the seasonings and sour cream. Pour into the pan and scramble to your taste or prepare as an omelette. Pour the beverages and dish the applesauce. Meals like this make Fasting easy.

Seder  Salad     261 calories    14.8 g fat     2.8 g fiber     20.8 g protein    26 g carbs      85 mg Calcium      GF    All the elements of a Seder meal in one bowl.  Especially easy if a previous dinner involved a leg of lamb. Save a few slices to make this salad. This meal is great for sharing with a guest: doubles well.Seder Salad

1 cup salad greens                                                                                                                                                  1 Tbsp fresh parsley                                                                                                                                                3 Tbsp celery, diced                                                                                                                                                   1.5 oz apple, cubed                                                                                                                                                       2 oz cooked lamb, from the leg or other lean cut                                                                                         4 walnut halves                                                                                                                                                        1 hardboiled egg                                                                                                                                                     1.5 tsp horseradish dressing**                                                                                                                   Sprinkle of Strawberry slices

Chop the walnut into large pieces and toast in a dry skillet until fragrant. Cut egg into wedges; slice the lamb and celery; cube the apples. Toss the greens, celery, apples, and parsley with the dressing and arrange other ingredients to suit the eye.

**horseradish dressing:                                                                                                                                        1 Tbsp mayonnaise made with olive oil                                                                                                           1 and ½ tsp prepared [purchased in a jar] horseradish                                                                                 1 Tbsp buttermilk                                                 1 and ½ tsp lemon juice                                              Whisk all ingredients together. Save unused portion for some other salad

Ingredients for next week:          breakfast, serving for one person

1 two-oz egg, hardboiled 1.5 two-oz eggs
Roast ham Lots of chives or scallion
Mixed fruit : strawberries & blueberries Roast ham
Mini herb popovers: 1 egg, 1 cup flour, ½ c skim milk
1 oz Granny Smith apple or mixed fruit
Whatever you need for your hot beverage Whatever you need for your smoothie
Whatever you need for your smoothie Whatever you need for your hot beverage

dinner, for one-person serving

4 oz smelts, 1 cup chopped roast lamb Lamb gravy
Roasted red pepper mozzerella ½ cup mashed potatoes
Tomato whole green beans ½ cup mashed cauliflower
Marinated mushrooms garbanzos onions
Black olives Salad greens
Sparkling water Sparkling water

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