You want it…

When you are hungry, ask yourself: “Do I need to eat that or do I simply want to eat it?” It took me years to understand the difference between those questions. People say that they can’t diet because they “like food too much.” That means you’ll eat anything any time simply because it tastes good. And the fat piles on.  You know when food really tastes good? When you are hungry. Food on Tuesday tastes better because you Fasted on Monday.  Try it.

Monday Menu: 290 calories for breakfast           272 calories for dinner Cottage Cheese & Fruit: Some of you don’t like eggs, so here’s a breakfast everyone will enjoy. Around the center of the plate, arrange slices of pear in a circle.  On top, put ½ cup no-fat cottage cheese. Spread ¼ cCottage Cheese & Pearup blueberries or strawberries over it all and sprinkle with 1¼ tsp chopped pecans.  Serve with tea or coffee, nearly black. By now you know that I like a smoothie with this, but you could substitute 2 more Tbsp of cottage cheese instead.   I think of this as the Spa Breakfast!

Salade Niçoise: OK, the egg shows up here, but you could omit it. Whisk together ¾ tsp olive oil and½ tsp wine vinegar [white or red] in the serving bowl. Add 3 leaves of romaine lettuce or 1 cup baby greens. Toss to coat with the dressing. Add some salt and pepper.  In the center of the bowl, put 3 oz. cooked salmon.  HINT: If you cooked Salade Nicoisesalmon for a prior meal, say a few Friday’s ago, save out 3 oz, wrap in plastic and freeze to have this meal later.  Cook and cool 2½ oz of green beans. Slice or quarter a hard-cooked egg   [HINT: use half today and make the other half part of tomorrow’s lunch] and cut 3 black olives in half.   Arrange the beans, egg half, olives, and 5 cherry tomatoes over and around the fish. A few slices of radish make a pretty garnish.  Another Spa Meal! Do try these sometime soon — they are delicious, attractive, filling, and packed with protein.

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