A Fasting Thursday

Thursday is the 2nd Fast Day of the week. If you gained back a little weight, this menu will put you right. The dinner is so good, we look forward to a Fast day so we can eat it!

Thursday menu:       294 calories for breakfast            280 calories for dinner.                                                                                                         Herb Scrambled Eggs:  This calls for 1 1/2 eggs for each person. Tough to do for one serving, so read the HINT first. Break 3 smallish [2 oz each] eggs into a small mixing Herb Scrambled Eggsbowl and whisk with favorite herbs, salt, and pepper to taste. HINT: IF YOU ARE SERVING ONE PERSON: Beat eggs up with a rotary beater and pour into a measuring cup. Pour half of the beaten eggs into a small jar, put a lid on it, and refrigerate it for next week.  Pour the eggs into a heated skillet which has been sprayed with non-stick cooking spray.  Serve with 1/2 piece of 70 calorie toast [unbuttered, of course] plus 1 oz grapes or  2 oz melon or 2 oz apple.  I enjoy this with the smoothie described in the 1st blog and with almost-black coffee.  If you don’t want the smoothie, add the other half of the bread and double up on the fruit.      HINT: you could use that extra portion of fruit later in the day.

Bison Burger Dinner: Sprinkle a small, hot skillet with Kosher salt.  Cook one 4 oz bison burger [not beef. Venison is a good substitute if you have it]  on one side for about 3 minutes. Flip it and cook until done as well as you’d like.  Put on a plate to stay wBison Burger, cole slawarm.         Sides: Add some water to the pan, stir in 1 oz sliced mushrooms, and cook until soft.  Meanwhile cook  2 Tbsp of diced parsnip until almost soft, then add 1/4 c. green peas and cook until done.  Combine 1/2 cup chopped cabbage with 2″ of carrot, grated. Toss with 1.5 tsp low-fat mayonnaise and 1 tsp cider vinegar.  To serve, put 1.5 tsp of catsup on the burger, top with mushrooms. Arrange those colorful sides on the plate and get ready for some good eating.  I enjoy sparkling water with Fast dinners. [On Slow days, I enjoy wine.] HINT: Cabbage, parsnips, and carrots will keep a long time in the ‘fridge, so don’t worry about having lots left over.          Eat, enjoy, get fitter, live a healthier life.

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