Plant-based diet, anyone?

When the doctor suggested 1 week on a “plant-based diet” for my husband, I thought, “Oh, no! There goes the Fast Lifestyle out the window!” But as I researched it, I discovered that the principles of a Plant-Based Diet dovetailed nicely with a Fast Diet. So we could maintain our 5:2 Diet on Mondays and Thursdays and even use standard Fast recipes on Slow Days, too!

Perhaps the biggest change was  using green smoothies instead of our usual fruit smoothie. But it turns out that the calories don’t change. Looks weird, but the flavor isn’t as bad as it looks. More about those later.

So what to eat on a Plant-Based Fasting Lifestyle?                                                      For breakfast:      Oatmeal Pudding, March   29             Breakfast Casserole, April 12          Buttermilk Baked Egg, May 24                       Flamenco Eggs, Jan 19

For dinner:          Baked Bean Soup, Apr 22          Meze Meal, May 13              Vegetable Pizza, May 27                   Fish Tacos, March 8

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