What is this all about? Living well, eating well, and being healthy. How is that possible? This is the Fast Diet by Dr. Michael Mosley of England, as seen on PBS, ABC, and the BBC. By restricting calories [we aim at consuming 600 calories per day] two days each week [we like Monday and Thursday], you are free to eat as you wish [be reasonable here!] the other days of the week. The ‘fast’ in the name of the diet refers to eating less on the Fast Days, not to how rapidly the weight comes off. You should expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week. More than that is unhealthy. I hope you find the menus to be delicious and filling. And that you, too, will see a healthier version of yourself in a few months.

We have been living this Lifestyle [not ‘on this diet’] since 2013. We both lost the weight we wanted to lose and WE KEPT IT OFF !! Now that we are ‘maintaining,’ we are not as strict on the calories as we were when we were losing the weight. Our Fast Days are now 800 calories. But it still works. Dear Husband and I are faithful adherents and I hope that this works for you, too.

When you look at a recipe, you will see the food values. The calories matter of course.  Fat means ‘total fat’ since I don’t break it down into saturated vs. mono.  Fiber is important for the health of your gut, so I include that value.  Protein is a significant value. When you reduce food intake, the body has to take its energy from somewhere — it could be from fat or it could be from muscle.  Furthermore, as we age, we do not build muscle the way we did in our youth.  One way to build/maintain muscle mass is to eat protein. Daily.  Carbohydrates are listed:total and, often, complex.  Carbs from fruit and vegetables are good, but simple carbs [sugar, white flour] are quickly turned into sugar and that can’t be good.  Calcium is critical for healthy bones as we age.  Getting it from food rather than from supplements is the better option.

You will also see the code PB by which I mean ‘plant based.’  This doesn’t mean vegan or vegetarian.  It means that the amount of meat is small [3-4 oz] and that there are more plants/fruits in the recipe. I researched Plant Based foods after my Dear Husband was put on a plant based diet for 6 weeks. How glad I was that most of my Fast recipes fit into that plan.  [The plant based diet did not help his medical issue, so we resumed our regular way of eating.]  GF means ‘gluten free.’  I put that in there for those of you who need to eliminate gluten. This is not for everyone nor do I promote it unless there is a medical need. Sometimes you will see V.  I use this to imply ‘vegetarian.’  By that I mean that the meal does not contain animal flesh, although it may have egg or dairy as part of the protein.  See if that works for you.  We are neither vegans nor vegetarians nor pescatarians, but I respect the wishes of those who are and I want to create recipes that will fit into a variety of food plans.

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  1. Interesting read fastingme….some good ideas….didn’t know you were blogging here…you both have 600 calories on FD’s ..is it because you are now maintaining?

    (Symba7) thefastdiet
    Jean x


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