…not by bread…


This is the full batch which yields 3 cups of dry mix. The dry mix keeps well in a sealed glass jar in a cool dry place. Splendid for breakfast or with a soup.

1-½ cup of dry mix makes 16 [sixteen] 2” bannocks at 15.5 calories each

1 cup flour ½ cup white whole wheat flour 1 cup rolled oats 4 Tbsp butter 1.5 Tbsp sugar pinch of salt 1 Tbsp baking powder

Cut the butter into the dry ingredients until well-incorporated. Measure out the amount you need into a bowl, and put the remaining dry mix into a jar for storage. Add 1 Tbsp of milk to the bowl of mix and stir with a fork. Add a little more milk until a stiff dough ball is formed. Roll out on a lightly-floured board until 1/3” thick. Cut out with a 2” round cutter. Gather the scraps together, reroll, and continue to cut out the rounds. Bake on a lightly-greased baking sheet at 400 F. for 10-12 minutes.

DUMPLINGmakes 2, each at 77 calories ..Not by Bread.. II-7-’18

2 Tbsp white whole wheat flour + 3 Tbsp flour [or 5 T. flour] 2/3 tsp baking powder pinch salt + pinch sugar + spices or herbs 7 tsp milk 

Combine all the dry ingredients, then stir in the milk. The batter should be stiff but not dry. [add a little water if needed] Bring your stew to a simmer. Spoon the batter onto the stew so that the batter is not in the liquid: it should steam not poach. Cook uncovered 10 minutes, then cover and cook another 10 minutes.


For breakfast, it can’t be beat [in small amounts]  ¼ cup: 77 calories 0.7 g fat 0.6 g fiber 4 g protein 17 g carbs 25 mg Calcium 1/3 cup: 107 calories 1 g fat 0.8 g fiber 5 g protein 23 g carbs 35.6 mg Calcium

one 2-oz egg ½ cup white whole wheat flour 1/2 cup unbleached white flour ½ tsp salt ½ cup water ½ cup fat-free milk

Mix all the ingredients together and let the batter stand at room temp for 30-60 minutes or in ‘fridge overnight. You will need ¼ cup to 1/3 cup of the batter per person. HINT: The remainder can be frozen in 1 cup or 1/3 cup batches for future meals. When it is time to use the batter, beat it with a rotary beater until it is frothy.

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